Microsoft pokes fun at Google's background image feature

TechCrunch reports Microsoft Europe took a jab at Google’s new search engine feature, that allows a custom background image on its search engine, with one of their tweets today stating, “We’ve lost a background image, if found please return to”

For people unaware, Google had added a feature that would allow the ability to display a customizable background on its search engine’s homepage. Google updated the search engine recently, displaying a test background image of tulips, hoping to make people aware of the feature.

The folks over at Microsoft seem to be having fun taking light hearted jabs at Google. Ashley Highfeild, a MD with Microsoft UK tweeted, “Imitation (however pale) is the sincerest form of flattery: a certain search engine put up the same pic (tulip fields) used on Bing long ago.”

Peter Bale, Executive Producer of MSN UK also tweeted, “How intriguing to see friends at Google borrowing the Bing homepage #photography idea.”

The fun however might be short lived, as it seems Google will no longer be using the default backgrounds due to user complaints, and have indeed deactivated them for the time being.

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