Microsoft postpones Winhec 2008 to Fall 2008

Microsoft has announced that WinHEC 2008 will not be held in the typical spring season, but instead in the fall (October probably) of 2008 "in response to industry feedback". The event is expected to take place on the West Coast but the location has not been yet finalized. As usual, Microsoft plans to host various technology-related events throughout the year. 2008 is no different; Microsoft plans to keep hardware engineers and Windows driver developers up to date. "WinHEC is always the best opportunity for industry professionals who want to stay aligned with Microsoft's platform roadmap and new market opportunities. WinHEC 2008 will present:

  • Hardware implementation directions for OEMs, ODMs, device engineers, and system builders.
  • Microsoft directions and industry partnerships for long-term initiatives.
  • Microsoft vision for Windows and the future of PC computing."
News source: Bink

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