Microsoft re-explains .Net strategy

Yes, Virginia, there is a Microsoft .Net.

The software giant's elusive strategy--a hot topic a few years ago but overshadowed by other Microsoft efforts lately--was declared alive and well during a panel at the Comdex trade show.

While .Net was initially understood as a strategy for delivering software functionality as a Web-based service, it actually represents several major changes in direction for Microsoft, said John Montgomery, a group product manager for the software giant.

"I think Microsoft did a poor job when we introduced this and just stuck the .Net name on different products," Montgomery said.

"We've really done two things at once with this term .Net," he said, saying the term refers to a new model for working with Windows developers and a commitment to working with open standards to ensure interoperability between disparate computing systems. "Fundamentally, we're focused on making Windows a better place to build and deploy applications," he said.

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