Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.55.1 to patch issues with Settings not saving and more

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Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.55.3 only a couple of days after releasing v0.55.0. However, this is just a patch release to address some issues, as shown below. Microsoft notes that the patch was needed to fix issues in v0.55.0 that they deemed important for stability based on user feedback.

  • #15910 - Shortcut keys retain taken after disabled for Shortcut Guide, Mouse highlighter, Mouse pointer crosshair. This was a bug we had for a while but with the increased mouse utilities using the shared code path, it was just noticed.
  • #15450 - Fixing a bug where settings wasn't properly saving. This bug was introduced with 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • #15487 - After install, PT won't automatically start as admin unless dont-elevate arg is used. This bug was introduced with 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • #15869 - Removed a dead code path and unused DLL
  • #15885 - Mouse pointer crosshairs crashing race condition bug.
  • #15348, #15488 - Small UX fixes for helping wayfind.

As such, there are no changes, you can view the ull set of changes in our v0.55.0 post here.

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PowerToys is Microsoft's open-source project that offers a collection of nifty tools that people can use to customize the Windows 10 or 11 UI and experience to their liking. As we know, depending upon feedback and general stability, some of the utilities also make their way to the OS eventually. A prominent example of this is Snap Layouts and Span Groups in Windows 11 which borrow heavily from the FanzyZones tool in PowerToys.

If you are using PowerToys in Windows 11, you can grab it in the Microsoft Store. For others in Windows 10, you can open the app and click on "Check for updates" under the updates section on the General tab. Those who would like to try PowerToys for the first time can grab the version 0.55.1 installer from the app's GitHub page.

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