Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 app for Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Microsoft released a number of accessories for today's launch of the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 tablets. One of them is the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition, a new entry in the company's long history of mice products. As it turns out, Microsoft has a special Windows 8.1 app made especially for the newest Arc Touch mouse.

The app, which was recently released on the Windows Store, allows users to adjust the settings of the mouse's touch strip. That includes turning on a feature that lets users flick the strip to scroll quickly on a page, along with turning on a way to tap the strip to page up or down the screen. The mouse's sound and vibration can be turned on and off by using the app as well, and the intensity of those features can also be adjusted.

While technically the app is supposed to be made for the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition, early written reviews of the app indicate that other older Arc Touch mice products can also have their settings adjusted with the app. The Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is currently on sale just in the U.S. and Canada for $69.99 and will be sold in other markets in the coming months.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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