Microsoft releases Windows Server 2019 and SDK Preview build 17709

Right on schedule, Microsoft today released new builds of Windows Server 2019 and the Windows 10 SDK Preview. Typically, they arrive on Tuesdays, with Server showing up every two weeks and the SDK showing up every week after a new Windows 10 client build.

The build number for both is 17709, which is slightly odd given that the latest Windows 10 build is 17711. Here's what's new in Windows Server 2019 build 17709:


Group Managed Service Accounts We’ve improved the scalability and reliability of containers that use group managed service accounts (gMSA) to access network resources. You should see fewer authentication errors when using a single gMSA with multiple container instances. Additionally, you no longer need to set the container’s host name to be the same as the gMSA. We also fixed a bug that prevented you from using gMSAs with Hyper-V isolated containers.

New base image: Windows

We’re adding a new base image to the Windows Server container collection. In addition to NanoServer and WindowsServerCore container images, the new Windows image is now available. This image carries even more components than its NanoServer and ServerCore siblings, meaning it can support applications that have additional API dependencies. To learn more and get started, go to

There are also some known issues to be aware of:

  • [NEW] If a system is upgraded from preview release build 17692 to a more recent preview release, System Insights encounters errors when parsing or visualizing the prediction results. To resolve this issue, follow the instructions on System Insights known issues, or clean install a newer preview release.
  • [NEW] Get-HgsAttestationBaselinePolicy, PowerShell cmdlet that generates an attestation baseline policy, fails with an error: “Failed to retrieve TPM information.”
  • [NEW] On a recent preview release of Server Core, the Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) parser may fail if the default language and locale are changed to something other than US English. If the AQS parser is not working, search functionality in Exchange does not work.
  • Creating or modifying environment variables by using setx on a system running NanoServer container fails. On an affected system, setx requires a specific path in the registry, HKCU\Environment\, to exist by default. You can work around this issue by changing where the variable is stored in the registry, or you can add the expected registry path before executing setx commands. To specify that the variable be set for system-wide use in HKLM rather than in HKCU, the default, add the /M switch to a setx command. To instead add the expected registry path, run reg add HKCU\Environment before executing setx commands.
  • The Virtual Machine Management Service (VMMS) may experience an error, APPLICATION_FAULT_INVALID_POINTER_READ, in Cluster Manager.
  • Editing or creating policies for AppLocker can cause the MMC snap-in to crash when generated rules for a packaged app.

As usual, Microsoft would appreciate feedback on the build. To leave feedback, you'll have to use the Feedback Hub on a Windows 10 client machine and include the Server build number.

And then there's the new SDK Preview, the main new features of which include MSIX support and MC.exe. There's still no blog post for it yet, so there might be some other minor new stuff included.

To download Windows Server 2019 build 17709, you can find it here. For Windows 10 SDK Preview build 17709, you can find that here.

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