Microsoft reportedly plans to ditch Surface brand; phone range to be "Nokia by Microsoft"

Ever since Microsoft completed its takeover of Nokia's devices business, questions have remained unanswered over how the company would integrate its acquisition, particularly when it comes to the thorny issue of branding and marketing. A few tiny bits of info were clarified in documentation leaked earlier this month, but much still remains unclear. 

The source of that information, perennial leakster @evleaks, has now revealed some more juicy info about how Microsoft plans to brand its devices in the future. He says that Microsoft is "reportedly in the final stages of licensing the Nokia brand", and that the ultimate aim of this is for its future smartphones to be marketed under the "Nokia by Microsoft" brand. 

Far more shocking is the claim that the company plans to ditch its Surface tablet brand completely, extending the Lumia brand to its own tablets instead. Nokia previously released a Lumia-branded tablet, the 2520, last year, but two brand in its tablet portfolio is one too many to efficiently manage, and the decision has apparently made to 'streamline' the range at the expense of the Surface brand.

Nonetheless, this is a particularly surprising claim given how much Microsoft has invested in the Surface brand, most recently with the launch of its well-received Pro 3 tablet

Now, we know this information seems a bit out there, considering Microsoft's investment in Surface, but they also spent a huge sum acquiring the rights to Lumia as part of the acquisition deal. And when you consider that former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is now in a key position to drive this decision, it doesn't seem that far-fetched. Elop was also reportedly behind the decision to suspend the launch of the Surface mini at the eleventh hour. 


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