Microsoft reveals details for Windows Server 8 online backup service

Alongside the launch of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version on February 29, Microsoft also launched the beta for Windows Server 8. This week, the official Windows Server blog revealed some details about Microsoft's plans for an online backup service that will be launched for Windows Server 8.

The service will use the already established Windows Azure cloud-based platform as its basis, according to the blog. It will also use the downloadable Microsoft Online Backup Agent in order for server administrators to transfer files to the backup service. Users of the beta version of Windows Server 8 can register for an account for the service right now, which provides 10 GB of cloud storage for free.

The blog goes into more detail about what kinds of features Windows Server 8 users can expect from this backup service. They include a simple user interface to access any files that are backed up online, as shown by the screenshot above. Windows Server 8 can be configured to just back up changed blocks of data to the service, which should cut down on the amount of bandwidth and storage that is used.

The service also checks the integrity of any data automatically. That means that if any of the files turn out to be corrupted, they can be dealt with in the next automatic backup. The blog post also goes into detail on how Windows 8 Server users can set up times to back up their files to the online service, along with how to start the actual backup of files and recovering any data from the service.

Images via Microsoft

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