Microsoft reveals metro-style Office 15, cloud integration

Microsoft is on a bit of a roll today, after revealing their Windows-on-ARM plans to the world, telling the public that each ARM device will come with a copy of office and showing off even more of Windows 8.

In a video attached to their ARM post today, the company casually slipped in some new builds of Office 15, finally showing off the interface.

Right now, there are only subtle differences to the interface compared with Office 2010. The ribbon is still there, albeit minimized, however large amounts of colorization has been changed and the application no longer has buttons on the top right to close it. This is probably restricted to just ARM right now. 

Notably, on the top right of the applications is a new "Sign in" button. From what we've heard, this is to do with Office 365 / Skydrive integration, and will allow users to sign in with a cloud account and save their documents online a lot easier than in previous versions of Office.

There's not much else to the screenshots right now, but it's great to see the company making progress. Windows 8 is due out on February 29, as a consumer preview that will be free to download. It's not clear if Office will be a part of that, but we'll find out more in just a few weeks.

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