Microsoft reveals more on Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft introduced Xbox SmartGlass at E3 in June, promising to link content from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices to the Xbox 360 console. Today, the company revealed more information on the types of content that will use Xbox SmartGlass.

In a post on the company's official blog, Microsoft said that the app will allow tablet and smartphone owners to control their Xbox 360 remotely. It will also offer extra content to certain movies and TV shows. The blog states, "To give you one example of what you can expect, coming next season, HBO GO’s “Game of Thrones” will offer groundbreaking Xbox SmartGlass experiences."

It will also add content to a number of Xbox 360 games. The blog says:

Turn you phone or tablet into a virtual GPS in Forza: Horizon. Don’t stop the dance party in Dance Central 3 by going back to the menu to choose your next song. Instead, queue it up on your tablet or smartphone. In HomeRun Stars, use SmartGlass on your favorite device to throw a surprise pitch to your friend up at bat in front of Kinect. See detailed stats on how you are progressing in Halo 4, or check up on friends.

Xbox SmartGlass can also be used to control the new Internet Explorer for Xbox 360, discover and learn about new artists via Xbox Music and more.

The Xbox SmartGlass app will be available first for Windows 8 devices starting Friday, and later for Windows Phone 8 products. It will be released later for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.5 products.

Source: Official Microsoft blog

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