Microsoft rumored to acquire mobile app developer Appcelerator

Microsoft seems to be in an acquisition mode once again. A few weeks after the company confirmed it had bought the startup id8 Group R2 Studios, Microsoft is rumored to be thinking about acquiring a Silicon Valley-based company called Appcelerator

Business Insider reports, via unnamed sources, that the two companies have had some kind of discussions but added they were not yet in final talks to close the deal. 

Appcelerator was founded in 2006 and has a software service called Titanium that lets developers create mobile apps for pretty much all the current mobile operating systems, as well as HTML5-based programs. Appcelerator then hosts these apps on its cloud service. The company's website claims that it currently hosts over 50,000 apps that are installed on over 110 million devices.

If this deal does go through, this could give Microsoft a better shot at offering developers a faster way to get their apps created for Windows Phone and maybe for Windows 8. However, it may also mean that app support for all the other mobile operating systems that Appcelerator currently hosts may go by the wayside if Microsoft ends up buying the company.

Source: Business Insider | Image via Appcelerator

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