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Microsoft says its own Edge browser is more trustworthy than "so 2008" Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge logo and Microsoft Edge written next to it with a red outline

Over the last few months, Microsoft appears to have become pretty desperate in trying to make people use its Edge browser more regularly. In fact, the company also acknowledged that it was doing it with purpose under certain "improper redirection" scenarios.

In the latest related news, when someone is trying to download Google Chrome from Edge, Microsoft seems to be reminding such users with a popup (image below) that its own browser is built upon the same (Chromium) technology as Chrome, suggesting that there's no need for a new browser.

So far it's somewhat fine since there is no lie in that part. However, the prompt also appears to suggest that Edge itself is more secure than Chrome as part of the prompt says "with the added trust of Microsoft".

Here's the full message:

Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.

A screenshot of Edge saying that it is more trustworthy than Chrome

To be completely fair to Microsoft, Google also occasionally sends such pop-ups and prompts when using its search engine or other services. Here's a classic one below. But at least Google allows the option to reject its advances. That's not the case for Edge though.

Google recommends Chrome

However, it doesn't end there for Edge. Here's another one that's made with a really humorous tone but the underlying message is loud and clear. It says:

That browser is so 2008! Do you know what's new? Microsoft Edge.

A screenshot of Edge telling users that Chrome is from 2008 but Edge is new

Also, when we search "browser" or "browser download" on Bing, recommendations for Edge pop up here as well as if Microsoft really wants people to notice its own web browser. This one isn't something Google does though.

Microsoft Edge browser download search result
Microsoft Edge browser download search result

With everything we have seen so far, one has to wonder what's coming next from Microsoft in its attempts to promote Edge more effectively amongst more people.

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