Microsoft scraps Windows 7 'E' version for Europe

Microsoft confirmed late on Friday that it plans to kill off the Windows 7 'E' version for Europe.

In a statement a company official confirmed Windows 7 E is no more:

In the wake of last week's developments, as well as continuing feedback on Windows 7 E that we have received from computer manufacturers and other business partners, I'm pleased to report that we will ship the same version of Windows 7 in Europe in October that we will ship in the rest of the world.

One reason we decided not to ship Windows 7 'E' is concerns raised by computer manufacturers and partners. Several worried about the complexity of changing the version of Windows that we ship in Europe if our ballot screen proposal is ultimately accepted by the Commission and we stop selling Windows 7 'E'. Computer manufacturers and our partners also warned that introducing Windows 7 'E', only to later replace it with a version of Windows 7 that includes IE, could confuse consumers about what version of Windows to buy with their PCs.

Microsoft has proposed to the EU, the idea of a ballot screen to showcase different browsers that end users can select. Earlier this week Microsoft officials confirmed this ballot screen will be available for XP and Vista users too.

According to CNET those who pre-ordered Windows 7 'E' through a recent discount offer will get the full version, as Microsoft had promised. Microsoft will now be selling Windows 7 upgrade copies and a higher-priced full version (for those without a previous copy of Windows) similar to the rest of the world.

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