Microsoft Selfie finally makes its way to Android

Microsoft has been targeting iOS and Android as a platform to release developmental applications. One of these apps is Microsoft Selfie, which launched last December on iOS.

It has not been made clear why the application was not made available to Android users sooner. It is obvious, however, that Microsoft has a specific target audience in mind, and so offer an opportunity to make taking the shot a little easier, and fun.

Microsoft Selfie, despite the name being a given, promises to improve selfies you take on your Android device using intelligent processing.

Backed by computer vision technology, Microsoft Selfie intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables – all with one click. Users can transform average photos into enhanced, natural photos in seconds.

There are two options presented when launching the application. You can either edit a photograph from your gallery or take a new photo. Microsoft Selfie removes the need to use another application to edit your image, with Microsoft Selfie presenting various editing options after the image is taken.

The filters in Microsoft Selfie may appear eerily similar to those found in Instagram, with options such as '1965' and 'XPro'.

However, while both apps share a familiar premise; both aim to edit and improve images, the intelligent processing within Microsoft's Selfie app provides a key point of differentiation. ´╗┐With the ability to apply automatic enhancements such as skin smoothing, brightening, and even noise reduction to a photograph within seconds, those that often find themselves snapping selfies daily may find the app useful.

Microsoft Selfie is available to download through the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Police

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