Microsoft sets up four 4K PC monitors to view one massive wallpaper from Mars

Microsoft's Extreme Windows blog likes to take PC hardware to its limits. Last time, it linked three 4K monitors from Sharp in order to play Dirt 3 with a total resolution of 11520x2160, running on an astonishing 1,492,992,000 pixels.

In the blog's latest experiment into viewing content on 4K monitors, it decided to increase the amount of displays from three to four. Yep, Microsoft linked four of Sharp's PN-K321 32-inch 4K monitors together to form one big 10 foot long display, with a resolution of 15,360x2,160 and a mind blowing 33,177,600 pixels. The total cost of all four monitors alone approaches $20,000.

Of course, PC users might want to use such a setup for the the ultimate multitasking workspace. However, since Windows 8 also supports panoramic wallpaper, Microsoft decided to find an image that could natively support all four monitors. As it turns out, there is such a photo. NASA has posted a 153 MB TIFF image of the surface of Mars taken from the Curiosity rover that has a resolution of 17,548x3,022.

In short, Microsoft downloaded the image and turned it into its desktop wallpaper with the four 4K monitors; the wallpaper managed to get fairly close to the original's resolution and that's certainly no small feat.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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