Microsoft shows off new concepts for Windows 8 in-app ads

Microsoft introduced their concept of ads inside Windows 8 apps a year ago and since then a number of app developers have used such ads to generate revenues. This week, Microsoft revealed some more Windows 8 in-app ad prototypes that it is showing off this week as part of the Cannes Lions conference.

A post on the Microsoft Advertising blog includes some videos of the ad prototypes in action. One of them is shown above, as an interactive ad for Dell inside the Bing Sports app. As you can see, the banner ad inside the app can be touched, with its content rotated inside, without actually leaving the app itself. Once the ad banner is fully activated, the content can be manipulated via touch. mouse or even by physically rotating a Windows 8 tablet, if available.

Yet another ad prototype has been made to promote Vans Shoes from inside the Skype Windows 8 app. Microsoft states:

The concept would give two Skype callers the ability to simultaneously design a Vans-branded skateboard park while they’re on a Skype video call together. As a reward, the Skype callers are taken on a video ride of their park with a Vans Pro skater.

The blog shows off even more concepts for Windows 8 in-app ads made for Mercedes-Benz USA, MasterCard, and All Saints clothing. Microsoft says they will work to bring a number of these prototypes to a beta stage that will then be turned into full ad products for any company to use.

Source: Microsoft

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