Microsoft shows off the power of Kinect + Windows Phone

Microsoft has many products in its portfolio and when the company is able to bridge the boundaries between them, incredible things are possible. One such bridge is being built between Kinect and Windows Phone.

In a video posted up on the Microsoft research site, the company is showing how Windows Phone and Kinect can interact to blend the physical and digital worlds.

The video shows how a Kinect can detect a Windows Phone device and then use that device (and its sensors) to interact with objects on the screen.

Even more impressive is that the screen is actually an LCD with a mirror in front of it so it can overlay any image on top of the mirror; it’s quite hard to describe so it is best to watch the video to gain a better understanding.

The Windows Phone and Kinect are two powerful products independently, but when you bridge the gap between them, you now have a physical and digital device interacting in ways that are intuitive and exponentially powerful.

We know that Microsoft will continue to find ways to use a Windows Phone with a Kinect and that this is only the beginning of what is actually possible. As Microsoft builds out its ecosystem, it has many cards to play and what we are looking at in this video, is only the start of an amazing journey.


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