Microsoft shows off Windows 8 Skydrive support

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will support a number of the company's Windows Live online services. That includes Skydrive, the cloud-based data storage service. Today the official Skydrive web site has been updated with a new video that gives more information on how Windows 8 will work with Skydrive. When the final version is released, Windows 8 users will have to sign up for Windows Live but once that's done they will find that Skydrive support can be accessed directly from the OS.

Using the new Metro interface, Windows 8 users will be able to view things like photo albums that have been uploaded into their Skydrive storage space. New files can be uploaded and downloaded directly from the Windows 8 interface to your Skydrive account. Users will also be able to pick and then share which Skydrive folders they want their friends to access. You can check out how Windows 8 handles Skydrive photo albums in the video below. According to, Skydrive can also be set up to be used as a kind of virtual PC under Windows 8, letting users access some applications from several different Windows 8 PCs.

A few days ago, it was reported that Microsoft is planning to add unlimited amounts of space for Skydrive users to upload photos and Microsoft Office documents and 26 GB amounts of space for all other files. Certainly this kind of increased space for photos and documents will come in handy when Windows 8 finally launches. However Skydrive has also suffered from two recent outages that have kept the service from being used for several hours each time.

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