Microsoft shows you why the Asus VivoTab RT is better than the iPad in new video

On Wednesday, Microsoft debuted a new, and very funny, TV ad promoting Windows 8, this time by comparing the features of the Asus VivoTab Smart tablet against those of Apple's iPad. Today, Microsoft released a new video that once again takes on the iPad, but this time with an Asus tablet that's running Windows RT.

The new commercial, as uploaded on YouTube, is not like the humorous clip that Microsoft released Wednesday, where it was basically making fun of Apple's Siri voice command feature. Instead the ad, which compares the fourth generation iPad to the Asus VivoTab RT, is all about facts.

They include things like showing the iPad needs an adapter to put in a microSD card slot, while the Asus VivoTab RT has one built in. It also brings up the fact that Windows RT allows uses to run two Modern apps at once, with one in Snap mode, while the iPad can only run one app at a time. The clip suggests that the iPad can only link to a limited number of supported printers, while the Asus VivoTab RT reportedly works with almost all printers.

It's interesting that Microsoft is using third party tablets in its comparison against the iPad, rather than its own Surface family of hardware. However, the company has also launched a new webpage on its Windows site that does compare the iPad to the Surface RT, along with other Windows 8 tablets.

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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