Microsoft shuts down rumors it will boost Xbox One's RAM to 12 GB

Microsoft has certainly shown it is not adverse to changing features on the upcoming Xbox One. It's already ditched its DRM and used disc game restrictions for the console and more recently said it has boosted the clock speed of its GPU. On Thursday, the company confirmed it will also be putting in a headset inside all Xbox One hardware bundles after previously stating the headset would not be included.

However, a recent report claimed, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft might actually make a huge hardware change in the Xbox One by increasing the amount of RAM inside from 8 to 12 GB. On Thursday, Xbox One's director of product planning Albert Penello used his Twitter feed to shut down that rumor.

Both the Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 will have 8 GB of RAM, but the PS4 will have the GDDR5 variety, clocked at 5500 MHz for 170.6 GB/s of bandwidth. The Xbox One has the older DDR3 RAM, clocked at 2133 MHz for just 68.3 GB/s of bandwidth. However, it also has 32 MB of eSRAM that is supposed to add 102 GB/s of embedded memory bandwidth.

Source: Albert Penello on Twitter

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