Microsoft Signs Deal To Buy The Green Button Website.

Microsoft has signed a deal to to own and manage the Green Button website.

"Since the inception of five years ago, the forum has served as the foundation of the Windows Media Center Community. TGB has also evolved into a more direct communication channel between us and the team at Microsoft, proving to be mutually beneficial both to us and to the Windows Media Center product itself.

It became apparent a while back that as far as we've come with TGB, there's a lot of untapped potential here, and much we can do with the right resources and attention. After looking at a variety of options, Microsoft continued to pop up as the only potential partner who shared the same views and saw the importance of maintaining this vibrant community. They were also the only one that was truly interested in keeping what we have intact.

That's why I'm pleased to share with all of you that we've signed a deal with the Windows Media Center team at Microsoft to own and manage the TGB web site, which will help take our community to the next level."

The Green Button is a 100,000 strong member community which discusses issues pertaining to Windows Media Center Edition.

Link: TheGreenButton

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