Microsoft sold 1.2 million Xbox One consoles in Q3 FY14

Microsoft has announced that it sold 2 million Xbox consoles during FY14 Q3, including 1.2 million Xbox One consoles. While Sony continues to outsell the Xbox One, it's important to note that the Xbox One is on sale in only 13 markets whereas the PS4 is on-sale in more than 50 markets; Microsoft has sold a total of 4.2 million Xbox One consoles to date.

For Microsoft, the Xbox One is nothing short of a massive success for the company. It has once again been able to build on the Xbox brand and create a console that is selling well and is showing no signs of slowing down. Even as the console starts to mature, as there have been several updates to the platform already, Microsoft will slowly start to sell the console in more regions which will help keep sales strong, for the next few quarters.

In September, Microsoft will start selling the Xbox One in 26 new markets, including Japan, which will provide another huge boost to its user base.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft is positioning the console as much more than just a gaming machine. With Skype, OneDrive and Internet Explorer all available on the platform, Xbox is no longer just a console, but also an open development platform. More so, with the introduction of Universal Apps at Build 2014, the future looks bright for the Xbox One.

Image via Microsoft

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