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Microsoft: Stop using Google, they breached your privacy

Microsoft, to no surprise, is always encouraging consumers to use Bing instead of Google for their search needs. With a recent campaign that compares Google and Bing search results and previous feature improvements, Bing is proud of the service it offers.

But, when your competitor screws up, the marketing campaign writes itself. A new page on Bing highlights Google's recent invasion of privacy where the company intentionally tracked users by overriding Safari's privacy settings. The page, which we took a screenshot of and posted below, calls out Google for its malicious practices and highlights the FTC $22.5 million dollars fine.

Microsoft is playing the card that its services are less invasive and respect your privacy while Google tracks everything you do and acts as a big brother. Will the tactic work? Only time will tell, but Microsoft is taking advantage of an opportunity at Google's expense.

Source: Bing

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