Microsoft stops new work to fix bugs

Thanks neo1980 from our forum for the heads up :D

Microsoft Corp. today announced a month-long moratorium on new coding as part of its Trustworthy Computing Initiative, said Richard Purcell, director of the company's corporate computing office. "We are not coding new code as of today for the next month," Purcell said at a privacy and data security summit in Washington that was sponsored by the Corporation of Privacy Officers.

Instead, the company is going to go over its old code as a first step in cleaning out bugs. Purcell likened it to a 20-year spring cleaning. "It's time to get the garage cleaned out," he said. (Ok, this might explains why Powertoys was pushed back -Ed)

Describing the state of computing today as unstable and unreliable, he said Microsoft chairman Bill Gates "is really annoyed by the incredible pain we put everyone through in computing."

News source: GCN - Microsoft stops new work to fix bugs

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