Microsoft Store patrons can still win a year of 100GB OneDrive storage

Earlier today, Microsoft gave 100,000 OneDrive owners a chance to get 100GB of storage for one year for free. The offer came and went pretty quickly; all 100,000 entries were claimed inside of 30 minutes, although some people reported getting an email with a 20GB a year offer as a consolation prize.

However, there's still a chance for some of you to get that 100GB of space if you live near a Microsoft Store retail location in the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. According to the OneDrive Twitter page, folks who walk in one of the 80 Microsoft Stores can win some extra free space if they move quickly enough.

More information on the contest can be found on its official rules page. A person can either activate a new OneDrive account at the store or use an existing one to be eligible. Then they click on a button in the store to reveal their prize. 20,000 people will get 20GB of OneDrive space for free for a year, but 10,000 others who ask for the offer across all of the Microsoft Store locations will get 100GB for a year.

The contest ends on February 24. Basically, if you happen to be close to a Microsoft Store spot, you have one chance in three of getting 100GB of OneDrive space for 12 months, or you can still get 20GB of space for the same amount of time. Either way, it may be worth your while.

Source: OneDrive on Twitter | Image via Microsoft

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