Microsoft Stores offer free Zune Pass for Windows Phone buyers

Microsoft continues to try to get people to consider buying a new Windows Phone device. The latest marketing scheme involves offering something for free, which is always a good thing. reports that from now until February 14 (That's Valentine's Day, in case you were wondering) people who come into one of the 15 retail Microsoft Store locations and purchase any Windows Phone device will get something extra.

That extra is a one year free subscription to Microsoft's Zune Pass online service. Yes, that means the Windows Phone-based product that you buy from the Microsoft Store will come with one year of unlimited streaming music. Considering that buyng the Zune Pass for a year is normally $120 that might make up for the cost of the phone itself, depending on which model you buy.

Of course, this offer is only available if you actually walk into one of the 15 current Microsoft Store brick and mortar locations. You can find a list of the current stores at the Microsoft Store web site.

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