Microsoft study finds IE the most energy efficient browser

Microsoft loves its Internet Explorer browser and has no problem showing off to the world what it is capable of doing. We have seen the browser enable you to edit videos on the web and explore Mt. Everest, but this time around, IE is championing a new title as the most energy efficient browser on Windows 8.

If you are like us, you didn’t know that today is ‘World Environment Day.' That links up nicely to the IE announcement about how the browser is most efficient on Windows 8 when compared to the market rivals. The study was conducted by the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems at Fraunhofer US and noted that IE, when compared to Firefox and Chrome, uses 18% less energy.

Importantly, this study was conducted on behalf of Microsoft, so take that into consideration when digesting the information.

The research team tested IE 10, Chrome 26, and Firefox 21 for their baselines and concluded that IE used significantly less energy than the other browsers. In short, if you use IE, you will use less power which should in theory give you longer battery life on your machine. Based on the report, switching to IE is an easy way for you to be slightly more conscious of the environment and can help to reduce your global footprint on a daily basis. 

Source: Microsoft

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