Microsoft Sued Over Xbox360

Microsoft are facing a lawsuit in

over their newly released
console, the Xbox 360. Roberty Byers, from

claims that the console has a design
flaw, arguing that the power supply and processors cause the xbox to freeze and
crash during play.

Microsoft has not commented on this lawsuit, but had
previously said that flaws in the design were isolated to a small number of
consoles. Last week we brought news claiming that some users had problems with
their new consoles, shortly after the debut, with videos and pictures being
posted on the web.

This is not the first time a new console has come under
scrutiny straight after launch. The PS2 allegedly scratched discs, while the
PSP had numerous design problems. All of these were rectified in later
revisions of the consoles, so we have to wonder, to the people who rush out and
buy the consoles first get a raw deal? Do you rush to be the first to own a new
console or do you wait to make you your mind? Leave your comments below.

News source: BBC News

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