Microsoft takes to the streets to show off the limitations of Google's Chromebook

Last week, Microsoft launched a new campaign against another Google-based product: the Chromebook. Now the company is using one of its own, evangelist Ben Rudolph, to further Microsofts notion that the Chromebook wont give consumers what they really need in a notebook. Rudolph did much the same thing in 2012 with the companys "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign.

The Microsoft YouTube channel has a new video that shows Rudolph hitting the streets of Venice, California and asking people what kinds of things they like to do on a notebook. One person stated she uses her laptop for Photoshop and Illustrator. Another person stated she uses Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel.

Rudolph happens to have a Chromebook to show off during the video and he points out that even though Google claims it can run everything a person needs from a laptop, it cant run Photoshop or Illustrator and users cant install Microsoft Office. He also points out that Google Docs doesnt work if theres not an Internet connection handy.

Rudolph then shows off the Asus Transformer Book T100 running on Windows 8, which he says costs the same amount of money as the Chromebook (around $300). He shows that it can run all the programs that the Chromebook cant handle and also that the Transformer T100s screen can separate from the keyboard to become a stand-alone tablet. Its likely that this new video will not be the last we hear of Microsoft in their latest attempt to downplay the products and services that Google has to offer.

Source: Microsoft on YouTube

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