Microsoft talks about theme families in PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft launched the preview version of Office 2013 not too long ago, and that of course included a new version of its PowerPoint 2013 slide creation and presentation tool. Now Microsoft is talking about some of the new features it has put into PowerPoint 2013.

In a new post on the official PowerPoint blog, Microsoft says that one of the new features is the concept of theme families. While there are eight different themes that users of the preview version of PowerPoint 2013 can use, each theme also has a number of different variants and colors to choose from.

Microsoft states:

We designed theme families so that variants have complete control over all elements of the presentation’s design – colors, fonts, effects, layouts, text properties, paragraph properties, design elements, and photos and textures.

Microsoft says this new feature offers more variety for PowerPoint presentations without the user having to change the basic style. Heavy users of PowerPoint 2013 can use the software's slide master to change most anything in a theme's color, font, or shape. While there are just eight main themes in the preview version, Microsoft plans to add more for users to download in the future, along with new variants on existing themes.

Source: PowerPoint blog | Image via Microsoft

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