Microsoft talks Longhorn, XNA, and Xbox 2

Windows Gaming general manager Dean Lester updates GameSpot about next-generation consoles, XNA, and what Microsoft's new OS will mean for PC games.

Recently, GameSpot sat down Windows Graphics and Gaming general manager Dean Lester and discussed the current status of Longhorn, Microsoft's next PC operating system, due in 2006. Lester reaffirmed Microsoft's dedication to making Longhorn's game functionality be as accessible as that of a modern console. However, he said the company wants to retain the strengths of the PC platform, including high-end graphics and sound hardware, online communities, post-release community support, and content updates like modifications and maps.

Microsoft is already working with major hardware manufacturers such as Nvidia, ATI, and Intel (along with OEM manufacturers) to create pre-packaged PCs with varying levels of mid-range to high-end hardware, with appropriately varying price points. Under such a plan, pre-packaged PCs with certain processor speeds, amounts of RAM, and certain types of video card would be given a simple classification or "level."

News source: GameSpot

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