Microsoft talks more about developing Windows RT, early prototype device shown

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft has announced that Windows RT-based tablets will be released from Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung on its official Windows 8 blog. The same post also went into detail on how Microsoft developed the ARM-based version of Windows 8.

The blog entry also shows an image of what Microsoft calls a "very early engineering prototype" for a Windows RT hardware device, alongside its final version. While Microsoft is making its own Windows RT tablet with the Surface, the blog states that the company has also been open in collaborating with other PC makers for their own Windows RT products.

While Microsoft has gone into some details about Windows RT in an earlier blog post, today's entry gives some more information about how it will work with the corresponding hardware. One entry goes over how battery use will be handled. Microsoft states:

When your Windows RT PC is not in use, it will move into a new low-power mode that allows it to keep your data fresh and current while also not requiring a battery charge for days. And when you need your system, it will turn on in less than a second at the touch of a button, which is a mobile phone experience but in a full PC.

Microsoft also went into detail on how some Windows RT devices will have NFC capabilities. It states, "By simply tapping two NFC-enabled Windows RT PCs together, users can easily share photos, URLs, map directions, and anything else that our software partners have designed into their Windows apps."

Source: Windows 8 blog | Image via Microsoft

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