Microsoft teams up with Awwwards to highlight your clean code

Developers have a tough job: They code until their fingers bleed and only get called upon when a site design breaks. But deploying all of that code is hard work, and it shouldn’t go unrecognized. Microsoft wants to do something about that.

To help recognize developers and encourage clean code, Microsoft is teaming up with Awwwards to launch the "Developer Awwwards" that – you guessed it – is an award ceremony for developers.

To be considered for a developer award, check out this link, as it gives all of the information you need to make sure your website is in the running for an award or head on over to the official blog post here.

Microsoft’s commitment to developers has been well documented over the years, and the company has also been targeting web developers too. With sites such as, Microsoft is offering up a ton of tools to help make sure that your website is compliant with modern standards and browsers.

These new developer awards are one more way that Microsoft wants to help out developers. While the award may not be as useful as some of the tools Microsoft has released in the past, a shiny award on your desk at work is also noteworthy too.

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