Microsoft to add recycle bin feature to SkyDrive?

Microsoft launched the new version of its SkyDrive online file storage service last week, complete with a new "Modern" user interface. However, someone has been going deep into the code for the new SkyDrive and uncovered a feature that Microsoft, at least for now, has not yet turned on. reports that their examination of the code showed a "Recycle Bin" option. That likely means that, at some point in the near future, Microsoft will soon allow SkyDrive users to place files in a recycle bin that's similar to the one that millions of Windows PC owners have used for years.

This new feature will hopefully work in the same way as the Windows recycle bin; namely the ability to delete files on a SkyDrive account but also the ability to restore them later if they are needed.

The story points out that there are still some unknowns with this new feature, including if files placed in the recycle bin would still count as part of the cloud file size limits that Microsoft has in place for SkyDrive accounts. It's also not known if the SkyDrive recycle feature could be linked with a Windows PC recycle bin in some way.

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