Microsoft to Enforce Antispam Plan

Wasting no time with its fight with SPAM Microsoft plans on rolling out its own antispam plan called Sender ID. Microsoft announced that it will incorporate Sender ID into Hotmail, MSN, and its mail accounts. It's true that Microsoft didn't create the idea behind Sender ID, but Microsoft has been making the greatest strides with it. Sender ID is used in verifying an e-mail message's source. With this technique the amount of SPAM can be greatly reduced.

Microsoft will soon put some bite into its Sender ID antispam plans. The software giant will check e-mail messages sent to its Hotmail, MSN, and mail accounts to see if they come from valid e-mail servers, as identified by the Sender ID, according to a company executive.

The company is strongly urging e-mail providers and Internet service providers to publish, by mid-September, Sender Policy Framework records that identify their e-mail servers in the domain name system. Microsoft will begin matching the source of inbound e-mail to the Internet Protocol addresses of e-mail servers listed in that sending domain's SPF record by October 1. Messages that fail the check will not be rejected but will be further scrutinized and filtered, says Craig Spiezle, director of Microsoft's Safety Technology and Strategy Group.

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