Microsoft to expand Azure Cloud services into UK in 2016

Satya Nadella has announced a new UK cloud region and data centre expansion, after Microsoft acquired cloud data protection company Secure Islands.

Speaking at the company’s annual Future Decoded event in London, Nadella plans to release a number of data centres and a local Azure Cloud region to boost its presence in the UK in 2016. Customers from Europe, Middle East and Africa will also benefit from an expansion of data centres in the Netherlands and Ireland.

The Microsoft CEO says it’s a huge milestone for the company, and will empower individuals and companies to achieve more.

“Our hyperscale public cloud operates around the world, with more regions that anyone else. [We are] giving our customers, from startups, to small businesses, to public sector organisations more choice to be able to build their applications.”

The plan comes as Microsoft hope to increase its reputation as one of the world’s leading cloud storage providers for enterprise and homes. While Amazon remains the top provider, Microsoft’s heavy investment in the sector could see the company overtake the top position in the years to come.

The project marks the 21st region to receive Microsoft Azure services, when it rolls out along with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online services in late 2016. TechWeek Europe says Microsoft will also offer the option of a private connection to the cloud through its Azure ExpressRoute service next year.

Source: TechWeek Europe

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