Microsoft to launch HealthVault consumer Windows 8 app [Update]

In every hospital and doctor's office, there's usually more than one PC that's being used for variety of tasks. Microsoft clearly wants Windows 8 to be used in the extensive, and highly profitable, health care business and today it announced a number of health care-related efforts today. One of those announcements was a plan for Microsoft to launch its own HealthVault app for Windows 8.

In a press release today, Microsoft said:

HealthVault enables consumers to collect, store and securely share their personal health information, and connects to hundreds of third-party services and devices that make it easy to keep that information up to date. The new app brings this critical family information to life with a modern, touch-first user experience on Surface and other Windows 8 devices.

Microsoft did not give a specific release date for the Windows 8 a. Microsoft launched HealthVault in 2007 as a web-based service and has since launched apps for iOS and Windows Phone devices.

The press release does point out that there are over 850 medical based Windows 8 apps already available from the Windows Store. We have profiled one of them that was released before Windows 8 itself launched; the $499.99 EMR Surface app from Pariscribe that's designed to help medical offices track data from their patients.

Microsoft also announced today that it is working with one of the most famous and most respected hospitals in the country, The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, to launch a pilot program that involves Windows 8. Microsoft said, "Cleveland Clinic is exploring the capabilities of Windows 8 and new Intel-powered mobile devices that enable clinicians to view a risk-stratified list of patients and call up their latest medical information."

Update: The HealthVault app is now available in the Windows 8 Store. 

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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