Microsoft to officially distribute products in Iraq

The people of Iraq have suffered great hardship over the last several decades, thanks mostly to a number of wars, including two against the US, along with UN-mandated economic sanctions. Now the country is slowly starting to rebuild its infrastructure and its economy, and another new step in that process was announced on Monday when Microsoft revealed it has selected an official distributor for its products in Iraq. reports that in a press conference on Monday, Microsoft announced that it has picked Baghdad-based Legend Lands Co. to be its distribution partner in Iraq. Microsoft's manager of Business Development for Emerging Markets, Rajai S. El-Khadem, said during the press event, "This is a big step for Microsoft and for Iraq. As of today Microsoft will be officially and locally represented in provide Microsoft licenses, support and services for our clients and resellers."

While Microsoft may be moving into a new market, the company also knows that there is rampant software piracy in the Middle East. El-Khadem asked the Iraqi government to improve the country's existing laws to help protect Microsoft's property rights.

Legend Lands Co. is supposed to provide a wide variety of Microsoft products to sell in Iraq but specific products were not mentioned.


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