Microsoft to publish first XBLA game from Starfire Studios

Microsoft has signed on to publish the first game from UK-based Starfire Studios, a new game development team made up of former team members from Rare. The game itself is called Fusion: Genesis, a top-down sci-fi shooter that's being made for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service. You can check out a gameplay trailer below. The game is set to be released later in 2011

The four member team at Starfire Studios have worked on a number of games at Rare before decided to take the plunge into indie game development. Their previous credits include Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero, Killer Instinct, and more. For their first game under their new organization the team is trying to expand the normal twin-stick controls of a sci-fi shooter arcade game with some massively multiplayer elements.

Eurogamer reports that players will always be connected with other online players that will come into your gameplay world. In addition to just shooting spaceships Fusion: Genesis will allow players to become a space trader, a mercenary and more. The game promises that players will have access to over 100 different ships, with hundreds of weapons and upgrades. There will also be hundreds of quests to take on. Fusion: Genesis will also have support for up to four players in co-op along with eight player multiplayer modes.

In addition to the XBLA game, a Windows Phone 7 game called Fusion: Sentient will have a link to the main game. Developed by another unnamed studio, Fusion: Sentient will let players train AI pets and then trade them in Fusion: Genesis's auction house system.

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