Microsoft to show off Windows 8 next week, what are you looking forward to?

Next week Microsoft will unveil the remaining details behind its upcoming Windows 8 platform. We have already seen a look at what the tablet interface will look like, but the desktop environment still has many secrets to be announced.

Neowin will be at the BUILD conference which runs from 9.13 to 9.16 and will be bringing the information to you as it happens. The event will showcase what Microsoft has been working on for the past couple of years and will present their vision of the next generation of the desktop.

Over the past year, we have learned a lot about Windows 8, from official sources as well as builds that have leaked out. Despite the leaks, Microsoft has effectively kept most of the features under cover for now. While new code names and peeks at the Metro look and feel have been spotted, this is all trivial to the bigger changes Microsoft may have in store for its consumers.

Now that we are less than a week away, what are you looking forward too? Are you hoping to see a revolutionary new desktop, cloud integration, or something else?

Microsoft is betting big on Windows 8, the tablet interface shows their bold new approach along with their Windows Phone platform provide a glimpse at a unified UI. With a tag line on the official BUILD website of “In 1995, Windows changed the PC. BUILD will show you that Windows 8 changes everything”, you know they have something big up their sleeve.

So Neowin, what are you looking forward too?

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