Microsoft tries to convince iOS app makers to join Windows 8

While Microsoft has been adding more and more Windows 8 apps to the Windows Store in the past several weeks, the company apparently knows that many mobile app developers are still making apps exclusively for Apple's iOS platform. Now it looks like Microsoft is making a bigger effort to bring these particular software makers over to Windows 8.

The MIT Technology Review reports that last week, Microsoft held sessions over the span of two days at its Mountain View, California offices specifically to inform iOS app developers of what they could do with Windows 8. The sessions were held only a few miles away from Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

While there was some effort to also promote Windows Phone 8 as a development platform, the meetings apparently concentrated on Windows 8 for app development in tablets and notebooks. Tim Burks, a founder of the iOS app development company Radtastical, seemed to be attracted to the stable development tools for Windows 8. He stated:

If you’re a professional dancer, would you want to dance on a stage with broken boards and holes on the floor? No, you want to dance on a stage that’s clean and organized. That’s what these guys—especially Apple, and it looks like Microsoft—are like.

App developers for iOS might also gravitate to Windows 8 because, at the moment, there are far less apps available to download on the Windows Store compared to Apple's iTunes. That means app creators can launch their product on the Windows Store and have it stand out. iOS app developer Santhosh Krishna says, "It’s a lot easier to get lost in iOS world because there are a million apps out there."

Source: MIT Technology Review | Image via Microsoft

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