Microsoft tries to get tech savvy customers to help get rid of Windows XP

How desperate is Microsoft in its quest to get as many people to stop using Windows XP? Based on the tone of a new blog post from the company today, it's very desperate to stop folks from using the 12-year old operating system before it stops supporting it on April 8th.

The post on the Windows Experience blog says that if you are reading it, "it’s unlikely you are running Windows XP on your PC However, you may know someone who is and have even served as their tech support." Therefore, Microsoft seems to think that you are the perfect person to spread "the word to ensure people are safe and secure on modern up-to-date PCs."

It suggests that readers help others with Windows XP to see if that PC can run Windows 8.1 or simply buy a new computer with the newest version of the OS installed. The blog adds, "Once they choose and buy a new device, they can transfer their files from their old PC by copying them to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or cloud storage like SkyDrive."

The latest numbers from Net Applications show that Windows XP is still being used by nearly 30 percent of all PCs worldwide. Even in the United States, recent numbers from StatCounter show that the OS is installed on over 12 percent of PCs. It's likely that Windows XP will continue to be used by a pretty significant fraction of computer owners after April 8th.

Source: Microsoft | PC help image via Shutterstock

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