Microsoft unveils new Xbox Live interface

Microsoft has announced details of its new Xbox Live interface at this morning's E3 press conference.

John Schappert unveiled a new GUI - showing video, game, primetime, community and My Xbox channels replacing the current blades - complete with user-created avatars designed by Viva Pinata studio Rare.

Players will be able to customise the look of their avatar, which appears on the player's updated gamercard. Thousands of clothes and other content will be available via the Xbox Live marketplace.

These avatars will be easily integrated into websites and into upcoming games such as Uno Rush.

Microsoft demonstrated one of those avatar-driven games - 1 vs 100 - a multi-player quiz game coming exclusively to Xbox Live. Players can win real prizes in such games, which will be scheduled as part of Microsoft's Primetime.

According to Microsoft, gamers will also be able to chat with up to 8 of their friends simultaneously. Players will be able to form Live Parties, enabling the sharing of content such as videos and photos whilst playing games.

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