Microsoft updates MSN Video Platform Beta

Microsoft refreshed its video platform today with a new beta version of MSN Video. The updated site reflects the design, layout and features of Soapbox, Microsoft's answer to Google's user-generated video site The new version is compatible across multiple browsers, including Firefox and Mozilla using Flash, a Microsoft spokesperson told Additionally, with the new interface, viewers can search and add videos to their playlists, tag videos, and open their windows to full screen without interrupting the video. The spokesperson said the update follows last week's relaunch of MSN Entertainment, which includes MSN TV, Movies, and Music.

Microsoft first released Soapbox in September. The product has many of the same features found on other video-sharing sites. Users can rate, comment on, and tag each others videos. They can browse categories, find related videos, subscribe to RSS feeds, and share their favorites. At the time of Soapbox's launch, YouTube led the user-generated video market, with greater market share than MySpace, Google, and Yahoo, according to Hitwise market research.

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