Microsoft updates News and Finance Windows 8 apps

Just before the Christmas holidays, Microsoft released major updates for all of its in-house developed Windows 8 apps that were made by its Bing team. Now it looks like those app developers kept busy over the Christmas break as Microsoft just launched new updates for its News and Finance apps via the Windows Store.

The patch notes for the Finance app state that the new update brings some improvements to its navigation, along with performance enhancements and improvements for its network connectivity. Video support has also been enabled in the Finance app, along with the addition of new stock exchanges and news content partners.

The News app has added some content from additional news outlets, along with more support for regional news sources. The app also has better navigation for mouse-and-keyboard Windows 8 users, which is something that was improved in its last update as well. It also comes with various performance improvements across the board.

Microsoft does say that the updates to the News and Finance app may not be made available in all territories where Windows 8 is currently available, so your mileage may vary depending on where you are in the world.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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