Microsoft updates News and Finance Windows 8 apps

Microsoft updated both its in-house News and Finance apps for Windows 8 during the first week of January. In the last few hours of the month, Microsoft decided to go ahead and release new updates for both apps that have been created by its Bing team.

It's unclear exactly what has been put into the new versions of the apps, as the patch notes for the Finance app and the News app don't appear to have changed from the last update in early January. We have contacted Microsoft to get more information on what's been added, changed and fixed in these new versions.

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft posted an extensive article on its Windows 8 app developer page that described how the in-house Bing apps were first made. Microsoft admitted, "Through the process, we learned a lot – even a few things we’d do differently next time." Obviously, the constant updates for these apps show that the company continues to learn and improve from their early efforts.

While the Sports app for Windows 8 has recently been updated, Microsoft has not released new versions of its Travel and Maps apps since mid-December. Hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer, especially with the upcoming launch of  the Surface Pro tablet next week.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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