Microsoft updates the Band for Windows Phone and Android users

A few days ago, we wondered where the updates are for the Microsoft Band and it looks like today is a good day for Windows Phone and Android users who have the fitness device, sort of. A new update has been released for the Band but there are not any significant new features.

One update, which went live today, only addresses 'General fixes and improvements' for Windows Phone users which is a big letdown for anyone who was hoping for new features like a 'clear all' for notifications or even turning on the other sensors that are in the device but not currently used. If you have a Windows Phone, you can download the update now from the store.

For those of you on Android, an update went live yesterday and there is one new feature, according to Google Play: Now you can control which apps send notifications to the notification center tile on the Band. While this update is more significant than the Windows Phone version, it's a small update considering the band was released in late October and only now received this minor enhancement.

As of the time of this posting, there are no updates for iOS.

The Band works on all major smartphone platforms, so updating the software is not a trivial task. But, the fitness market is quickly becoming crowded and if Microsoft isn't going to be pushing larger updates as aggressively as their other products, they could be overrun by competitors who are more nimble when it comes to supporting their devices.

While it's good to see that Microsoft has pushed out an update, it still leaves us disappointed that the product has been slow to receive any significant new features or enhancements to the existing interface.

Thanks for the tip @winobs!

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