Microsoft Ventures invests in Pickit to complete its Series A round

Pickit today announced that it has received an investment from Microsoft Ventures, completing its Series A round of funding. In the round, the firm received a total of $4.6 million.

If you're not familiar with Pickit, it's an image-sharing service where users can upload their own photos and actually make some money off of them. The service - formerly known as PicHit - aggregates the content and then makes it available for those in need of stock images. The company has partnered with Microsoft in the past, and offers Add-ins for Word and PowerPoint to bring "professionally curated content and corporate assets at the fingertips of 1.2 billion Office users".

According to Pickit, the investment will propel the company "into the next phase of its mission", which is to make it easier for everyday Office users to "increase productivity and improve the quality of their work."

If you want to check out what Pickit has to offer, you can do so at the company's website.

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