Microsoft VP says Windows 8 tablet UI was planned before iPad

Microsoft grabbed a lot of attention when it showed off its upcoming Windows 8 tablet UI. The new look for Microsoft will keep them relevant in the highly competitive tablet market and will also provide a solid foundation for future growth. But what if Microsoft had beat Apple to the tablet UI game, well according to a Microsoft VP, they did, but were slow at getting the product out the door.

Microsoft VP Dan'l Lewin, speaking to, said that all of the planning for the new interface started before Apple's iPad hit the market. He states, "Think about when the planning started for what you saw just the other day; all the planning, the intent, the interface design work was done before the iPad hit the market."

Lewin also went to say that he knows Microsoft needs to improve on its ability to churn out products faster. He states, "We know where we're going - we just have to get there faster." The refreshingly honest approach is a sign of encouragement as Microsoft has been late to the market on several occasions. Windows Phone 7, while a formidable OS, was late to the market, and now Windows 8 for the tablet, will also be a late entrant into the market.

Imagine if Microsoft beat Apple to the tablet market with its new UI or if Windows Phone was released ahead of Android, Microsoft would have claimed the lions share of the market. While Microsoft can't change the past, hopefully knowing their faults going forward will reduce the turnaround time from concept to retail product.

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