Microsoft wants to help you pick the best Windows 7 PC

Microsoft may be preparing to launch Windows 8 late in 2012 but in the meantime the company has a vested interest in having consumers purchase Windows 7-based desktops and laptops. Today, the company revealed via its official Facebook page that it has launched a new website designed to help people decide which Windows 7 PC is right for them.

The process just takes a few seconds as the site asks you some questions about what kind of PC they would like. For example, say you want to get a PC that's mainly for work and you want it to be portable. Microsoft then asks what kind of tasks you want to use the PC for, what your budget is like and even how important appearance is for your new PC.

At the end of the questions, Microsoft sends you to a page on its web site where you are given three PCs to choose from that Microsoft thinks would suit your needs. When we went through the questions to get a portable work PC for under $1,000, we got our choice of three laptops from HP, Dell and Asus. You usually have two or three retailers to choose from where you can buy the PC online, including the Microsoft Store.

Of course, the big question is how many people are going to buy a new PC right now if Windows 8 comes out six to eight months from now. We suspect that some people will hold off until Microsoft announces some kind of Windows 8 upgrade program for current Windows 7 PCs

Image via Microsoft

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